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Welcome to the Visa online service of the Republic of Indonesia. On this site there are two kinds of online services, there are Visa and Visa Approval


Due to the transfer of visa online application from the old application to the new application, we informed that:
  1. For your convenience, please register to get Sponsor (Service Bureau) ID on and choose menu LAYANAN VISA ONLINE (BARU) ;
  2. Make sure you go through all the steps and then you will get your Sponsor (Service Bureau) ID;
  3. VISA ONLINE (NEW) application will starts on March 1, 2015 , and the old application will be closed on the same time.
  4. Only applicants who has an ID that able to apply for visa approval;
  5. Make sure to apply for your ID from now, the process of getting the ID requires a few days because it includes the inspection process to verify your existence;
  6. Example : In case Sponsor PT. A is given a mandate from Sponsor PT. B to bring Mr./Mrs. C from China as guest - they both (PT. A and PT. B) must have their own ID and register their company's documents on VISA ONLINE (NEW) application;
  7. For further questions please come at the Information Counters Sub Directorate Visa, Directorate General of Immigration, H.R. Rasuna Said X6 Kav. 8 or email us at

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