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Visa is a document that required foreigners to enter the territory of Indonesia. Visa is required and checked at entry points in the territory of Indonesia as an international airport or seaport. Visa may be filed by the foreigner at the Indonesia Representatives abroad. Online visa application process as follows:


Prospective applicant is a foreigner who wants to apply for visa through the Visa Online System. Prospective applicant must register in order to apply for a Visa Online. After filling the data in the Registration form, the system will send notification email containing a link and activation code. Therefore, prospective applicants must fill in valid e-mail for activation email is acceptable. After the prospective applicant open the activation link and enter the activation code then the applicant is able to login.

Applicant is required to login in order to identify who filed the application. Applicant fill out the form and complete the required document that must be uploaded. After the applicant finish filling out the form then the system will send notification email that application has been received and will be processed for verification.

Application that has been entered by the applicant must be verified by officer at the RI Representatives to examine the compatibility of the data entered with the required documents that are uploaded. Application that pass the verification will continued to the stage of Immigration Attache decision. Applicant will receive an email notification if the request has been approved by the Attache. Email notifications contain the amount of money to be paid and the schedule of taking Visa.

Applicant make a payment then the officer of Representatives issues Visa and handed to the Applicant.

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